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Content Licensing

Studies of content licensing tend mainly to consider contracts and licence negotiation, but there is more to it than that. In my book Content Licensing (Chandos Publishing, 2009) I aim to cover both contractual issues and the technology behind licensing, for example, how best to store and capture content, and how to hold title metadata. In addition, there is a strategic dimension to content licensing: should a publisher host their own content or license via aggregators? I have a separate website dedicated to licensing content and all that it entails.

For The Hutchinson Encyclopedia I set up an encyclopedia and reference content database system, with automatic platform-independent delivery of content to licensing partners in the US and the UK, first with Random House UK Ltd, and subsequently after a management buy-out with Helicon Publishing PLC.

For Continuum Publishing Group I found licensing partners and advised on a digital publishing strategy for their key titles.

For Encyclopaedia Britannica UK I advised on licensing to UK higher education.

For Global Market Briefings, a financial information publisher, formed by a management buy-out in 2004, I advised on licensing partners and a digital platform for content delivery.